Sharing our "Createful Heart"

Hi, I'm Mary. I actually started drawing and creating my own cards back in the early 1980's. Back then, there were no home computers, (well there may have been a few) but I didn't own one. So I took great care in designing (by hand) all of my cards, at times working about an hour or two on each one. So when I sent out a birthday card or thinking of you... it was the original. Not only were they cards, but it was like a gift wrapped present just for the recipient! Since, 2002, I had a desire to create graphics or digital images. I fell in love with paint brush program. Then graduating to paint shop pro. I made a few images with birds. As I have a love to photograph birds (wildlife) and flowers. In the summer time, you can usually find me out with camera in hand looking for the perfect shot. :) I enjoy what I do... creating images.. its a time to relax. I hope that you'll enjoy creating your own cards using (our) images.
How did we come up with the name Createful Heart? It comes from "grateful".
My husband, Mark, is a wonderful artist, he helps in creating digital designs for our shop.
We actually met through our art. I guess you could say, "he drew me in with his art". The rest is history. :)

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